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Warm & Cosy Gift Set For Women


Cancer Headwear

Chemotherapy can often mean hair loss, and it is surprising how much heat is lost from our heads when this happens!  We have selected an ideal range of cancer headwear.  Comfortable hats and scarves to help a loved one or friend keep warm and stay fashionable.

The Warm & Cosy Gift Set Includes:  A Soft Cotton Beanie Hat and Scarf

Choose a Cosy Beanie Hat from our selection of colours: Vino Red/White/Navy/Brown

Comfortable and versatile hats, the design has no rough seams or has an uncomfortable bump at the back.  Hats can be folded over to give as much or as little head coverage as you like.

   100% Cotton Jersey Material, unlined for maximum breathability
   Soft and Stretchy! Made in UK
   Suitable for Adults/Children

Choose a Scarf from our beautiful range. Our selection is perfect for any woman, as well as an ideal gift for both chemotherapy patients and alopecia sufferers.

   Size 180cm by 100cm
   Worn as a scarf, wrap, or head wrap (Allowing for a wide variety of scarf tying techniques)
   Soft printed polyester fabric