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PICC Line Cover Gift Hamper - Bath & Shower Care


PICC Line Cover

Cancer patients often receive treatment through a PICC line, so can find it difficult when it comes to showering and bathing. The LimbO Adult Elbow PICC Line Cover offers the perfect solution.

Easy-to-use and comfortable, reusable waterproof protector in water. Suitable for baths and showers, it provides a soft watertight seal that protects a PICC line without restricting blood flow.

It is extremely durable, made of PVC and 100% waterproof meaning it can be used time and time again.

Limbo Protector - Average     8 to 11st (50 to 70kg)
Limbo Protector - Heavy         11 - 15st (70 to 108kg)


Easy-to-use, reusable waterproof protection
Full waterproof protection for PICC lines, plaster cast and wound dressing on the arm
Suitable for showering or bathing, not recommended for use when swimming.

PICC Line Cover Gift Hamper contains:

Limbo Waterproof Protector to protect a PICC Line
Lime Loofah Soap - A fresh fragrance of Lime & Thyme soap and natural loofah within to gently