Practical gifts to help you stay well

Maternity Gift Hamper


Hamper Contains:

Soothe Body Butter
Soothe Sleep Oil
Lavender Wheat Bag
Queasy Sweets

Seascape's rejuvenating and calming beauty & body care products have been created specially with maternity skincare in mind. Containing pregnancy safe essential oils they make perfect natural skincare products for sensitive skin too. These Seascape UK formulas include a range of natural ingredients to help towards reducing stretch marks & ageing lines.

This luxurious Soothe Body Butter from Seascape is the perfect way to moisturise, relax and calm the skin. As a body butter infused with natural essential oils, suitable for sensitive skin, it soothes and smoothes the skin and is pregnancy safe too. When this easily absorbed shea body butter is applied to damp skin you feel the difference, as your skin stays silky smooth all day long.

Soothe Sleep Oil   - A roller ball applicator of gentle Lavender, Grape Seed, Sweet Almond, Bitter Orange Flower and Mandarin Orange Peel to balance and relax the mind and body to aid sleep.

Lavender Wheat Bag - A wonderful and safe alternative to a hot water bottle.  The Wheat bag is filled with a mixture of wheat, lavender flowers infused with pure lavender essential oils to relax.

Queasy Sweets are boiled sweets to provide relief from the horrible queasy feeling you get with nausea that is experienced during Motion Sickness and Morning Sickness.
Each pack contains approximately 21 individually wrapped Queasy Drops and a mix of 5 different flavours:

- Sour Raspberry
- Ginger
- Green Tea with Lemon
- Banana
- Cola