Practical gifts to help you stay well

Lavender Wheat Bag (for hot & cold usage) Luxury alternative to a hot water bottle


A wonderful and safe alternative to a hot water bottle.  The Wheat bag is filled with a mixture of wheat, lavender flowers infused with pure lavender essential oils.

Through cancer treatment there are times when your body temperature changes dramatically and these wheat bags filled with lavender are ideal to help soothe and relax you, especially through restlessness and fever symptoms.
Wheat bags have been known to also help the following conditions:  Arthritis.  Aching Joints. Sprains and Strains. Menstrual Pains.

Wheat has a unique cellular structure which can absorb heat or cold quickly and then release it evenly.   The fabric used is a hi-tech micro fibre that is ultra soft to touch with natural rope and yet can be washed daily.

Directions for use are to heat in a microwave on full heat for 2 minutes (times vary according to microwave wattage – please see manufacturing instructions); alternatively cool in the fridge.