Practical gifts to help you stay well

Hospital & Home Chemotherapy Soothe Hamper - For Men & Women


Chemotherapy Soothe Hamper contains:

   Cosy Beanie Hat
   PICC Line Cover - Waterproof protector and cover
   Soothe Body Wash -  300ml
   Soothe Sleep Oil - 8ml
   Queasy Drops

Cosy Beanie Hat – Cotton Hats available in the following colours: Vino Red/White/Navy/Brown

Chemotherapy treatment can often mean hair loss, and it is surprising how much heat is lost from our heads when this happens!   These warm hats are an ideal way to help a loved one or friend to keep warm and stay fashionable.

A comfortable and versatile hat, with full head coverage. The design has no rough seams or uncomfortable bump at the back. The Hat has long sides which can be folded over to give you as much or as little head coverage as you like.

100% Cotton Jersey Material, unlined for maximum breathability
Soft and Stretchy! Made in UK
Suitable for Adults/Children

PICC Line Cover - Waterproof protector and cover

Cancer patients often receive treatment through a PICC line and find it difficult when it comes to showering and bathing. The LimbO Adult Elbow PICC Line Cover offers the perfect solution.

Easy-to-use and comfortable, reusable waterproof protector in water. Suitable for baths and showers, it provides a soft watertight seal that protects a PICC line without restricting blood flow.

The PICC Line Cover is extremely durable, made of PVC, 100% waterproof so can be used time and time again.

Limbo Protector - Average     8 to 11st (50 to 70kg)
Limbo Protector - Heavy         11 - 15st (70 to 108kg)


   Easy-to-use, reusable waterproof protection
   Full waterproof protection for PICC lines, plaster cast and wound dressing on the arm

Suitable for showering or bathing, not recommended for use when swimming.

Soothe Body Wash -  300ml

Contains 100% natural essential oils to ease stress and tension. Lavender to relax and calm and Ylang Ylang to balance the mind. Enriched with Jersey Honey to lock in moisture naturally helping the skin to maintain its elasticity.

This range is fragranced with 'pregnancy-safe' essential oils.

No parabens, no silicones, no SLS, no petroleum, no artificial colours, no artificial fragrances.

Soothe Sleep Oil - 8ml

Sleep is such a natural thing that we tend to think that it should come naturally. But, for some, it can be difficult to get asleep.

A true “lullaby in a bottle”, the Soothe Sleep Oil contains 100% natural essential oil of Lavender to relax and calm.  As well as, the oils from Grape Seed. Sweet Almond. Bitter Orange Flower. Mandarin Orange Peel to balance the mind and deliver a gentle fragrance.

This range is fragranced with 'pregnancy-safe' essential oils.

No parabens, no silicones, no SLS, no petroleum, no artificial colours, no artificial fragrances.

Using the roller ball applicator, apply a small amount to the temples, pulse points or under the nose to aid in sleep or help induce relaxation.

Queasy Drops - are flavoured using essential oils from delicious, natural sources to eliminate horrible taste sensations and calms the stomach. In addition, provides a much-needed energy boost, as well as soothing and comforting to suck.

Each pack contains approximately 21 individually wrapped Queasy Drops and a mix of 5 different flavours:

   Sour Raspberry
   Green Tea with Lemon